Sarasota Central Vacuum System Sales & Maintenance

We find the right vacuum or central vac system for you and your cleaning needs. We install central vacuum systems in new construction or existing homes.

Air Purifiers

We are Sarasota’s only IQAir® authorized dealer, first in air quality.

Sarasota Vacuum Sales, Repairs & Maintenance

Vacuum Doctor sells and repairs vacuums and central vacuum systems in Sarasota, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, and Siesta Key.

We have served the Sarasota area for 21 years. We have the skill and expertise for all your vacuum repairs, maintenance, and replacements. We are a Factory Authorized Dealer for Miele, Authorized Internet Dealer for Sebo, Authorized Dealer for Cyclo Vac, and an Electrolux Premier Dealer. Our services include:

Not only do we provide new and rebuilt vacuums, we repair them and sell vacuum cleaner parts and consumable supplies for all makes and models of vacuums.

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