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Sarasota Vacuum is the most trusted installer of central vacuums!

If you are currently building homes and not offering central vacuums to your clients, you are missing out. Central vacuums are the number one way for improving air quality inside of homes. Here is why your clients want central vacuums in their new homes.

  • Vacuum is installed outside of the living area of the home, reducing sound
  • Vacuum exhaust does not stir up dust in the house, vacuum exhausts typically in the garage area
  • Vacuum debris are all routed outside of the living areas, virtually eliminating dirt from the house
  • Central vacuums can increase home value
  • More powerful motors can outlast upright and canister vacuums

Become a Preferred Partner

Sarasota vacuum your central vacuum storeWe install the best central vacuum on the market today, CYCLO VAC. We also install the hide-a-hose option that homeowners love. No more lugging hoses around and plugging them in. We install the central vacuum during the construction process, conveniently running pipes and hiding the hoses in the wall and ceiling voids. After the installation we provide warranty and ongoing service if the homeowner would like. There is no risk or additional work for you the builder. Complete the form below to discuss options, the types of homes you are building and the custom package we can build for you along with builder only pricing.