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Sarasota’s #1 Cleaning Supplies

Vacuum Doctor keeps all types of cleaning supplies in our store. As a vacuum cleaner store we realize that some clients have tile floors and can benefit from these products. We have the best quality cleaning supplies as well as cleaning tools and products as well.


Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Sarasota Vacuum Doctor stocks just about every possible bag for your vacuum cleaner. If we happen to not have one in stock, we can get it to you in just a few days. Give us a call or stop in for your vacuum supplies.


Beats All Tile & Grout Cleaner

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We offer Beats All Tile & Grout Cleaner in quart and gallon sizes. BeatsAll Grout & Tile cleaner works 5X faster than any other product on the market today. It is an acid based cleaner that has a special inhibitor which allows this incredible formula to be stronger and at the same time safe to use.
BeatsAll is earth friendly and safe for our environment. The product has been engineered for maximum strength. It will not etch the tile and will restore the grout to its original color. To top it off, It is absolutely safe on ALL color grout. YOU will get powerful and astounding results, even on the most filthy grout.

Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaners

Vacuum Doctor is an authorized dealer for Advanced Vapor Technologies, the manufacturer of Lady bug steam cleaners, the best steam cleaners available because they use high temperature steam. Ladybug steam cleaners are very versatile, highly effective and easy to use.

Shark Tile & Grout Brushes

Shark Tile & Grout Brushes FlyerThe Shark Tile & Grout Brush not only features 50% more bristles than competitive brushes, but they’re also thicker and more durable. You can scrub as hard as you need to, and the bristles won’t bend, break, or become too soft.

With 5 rows of bristles, you get plenty of surface area for scrubbing to make short work of big tile jobs.

The triangular shape of the central bristles ensures you can use the Shark on thin or thick grout lines. Plus, the bristles at the edges angle outward, so you’ll also clean the tile surface or baseboards at the same time.

Use the Shark as a handheld tool, or attach it to any standard pole with a threaded tip to extend your reach. The swiveling attachment lets you maneuver this handy tool in any direction for effective cleaning.

Easily clean mineral deposits, hard water, mold, mildew, and other dirt without breaking a sweat when you use to this tool. Slight pressure is all you need—the stiff bristles do the tough work for you.

The Shark is a beefy scrubbing tool, and may leave marks on softer surfaces.
Be sure to use the Shark on the following compatible surfaces only:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Glass