The Cool History of Bissell Vacuums

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When looking at buying a new vacuum it is hard to get away from Bissell. This industry giant makes some of the best vacuums around, earning them their reputation in the U.S. and Europe. Bissell has a progressive history that has carried on in their business. This has contributed to their success, creating a business that has lasted well over 100 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Bissell History

Bissell vacuums, like so many great inventions, were born out of “laziness,” one of mankind’s greatest motivators for creating new products. Melville and Anna Bissell operated a crockery shop in Michigan in 1876. Tired of sweeping up sawdust, Melville decided there had to be a better way. So, he set to work creating a sweeper to do the job for them.

He did just that and developed a sweeper that made work easier for him and Anna. News of the invention spread and soon everyone was asking where they could buy this innovative new product. Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co. was born, and they haven’t looked back since.

First Woman CEO in America

Bissell made history again in 1889 when Melville sadly passed away. Without question Anna stepped up as the CEO of Bissell, making her the first female CEO of an American company. In a time where women were not given roles of such authority, Anna took the reins, fighting for protection of their patents, leading advertising in the US and Europe, and bringing the company to a new level of success.


Bissell has continued their legacy of innovation and expanded into new products, all of which make keeping your home clean as easy as possible.

Their product list has expanded to include:

  • Vacuums
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Hard Floor Cleaners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Cleaning Formulas to enhance their other products


Bissell is of course best known for their vacuums and each type comes with its own benefits. This list will break down the types of vacuums Bissell offers and what they are best used for.

Upright Vacuum

These are designed to quickly clean large areas. Additional features available for these upright vacuums include multi-surface cleaning, pet hair specific vacuums, bagged or bagless, and Lift-Off 2-in-1.

Stick and Cordless

These are great for a quick cleaning. Their lightweight makes them easy to maneuver around furniture and they easily reach any mess. There are also cordless options that are great for picking up pet fur and crumbs from around your house.


A crowd favorite is the robotic vacuums offered by Bissell. These take care of the everyday cleaning for you. With smart features built in they can navigate around furniture, detect stairs or other barriers, and even change settings based on flooring.


Canister vacuums combine the lightweight and maneuverability of a stick or cordless vacuum with the power of an upright vacuum. This makes them great for difficult to reach areas like stairs, couches, and cars. You can choose a wet/dry canister, bagged or bagless, or pet hair options to clean whatever mess life throws at you.


Finally, Bissell also offers handheld vacuums. These work perfectly for quick pickups of smaller messes. Pet fur on the couch or cheerios in the car are no match for these portable vacuums. These also come in cordless, pet hair specific, and car cleaning options.


Bissell has created some amazing vacuums that can address just about any cleaning need that you may have. Of course, you always have a choice when it comes to what vacuum you need. Although large box stores may want you to think they carry all the best options, they often don’t.

Unlike these stores, we aren’t just concerned with which vacuums will make us the most money. We want you to find a vacuum that you will love. And just like Melville and Anna, we want you to be as “lazy” as possible when it comes to cleaning. Let us help you find the vacuum that will take the work out of cleaning so you can get back to the things you love.