Vacuum Cleaner Store

Vacuum Cleaner Store in Venice Florida

It makes sense when you need a new vacuum, you should go to a vacuum cleaner store. When looking for a new vacuum most consumers turn to the internet or big retail stores. Although we understand that this can be a convenient option for most people, there are some things that you should consider before making this purchase. We think that you might just change your mind and decide that a smaller company with a lot of knowledge might help you make a more informed choice.

Better Service

With a specialized vacuum cleaner store, you know you’re getting the best service possible. Big box stores are not well educated on types of vacuums, important features, or what brands provide the quality you are looking for. When working with your local vacuum cleaner store, you get the benefit of our knowledge and experience to help you get the best vacuum for your home.

Better Return on Investment

Because of all that knowledge we were talking about, you’ll also end up with a better return on your investment. Most people who buy vacuums from box stores or online end up replacing that vacuum within a couple of years. This is because they didn’t end up with a quality product or ended up with something that wasn’t the right product in the first place. When you work with the best you get the best. This means that your money will go farther and last longer by working with a specialized vacuum store rather than simply choosing the most marketed option.

Supporting Small Business

When buying from us you support small businesses in America. With competition from less knowledgeable but larger stores, many small businesses are struggling. For those who want to support others within their community, choosing to buy a quality product from a small business is the best way to go.

Routine Maintenance

In order to get the most out of your new vacuum you need to keep it regularly maintained. This means it should be routinely cleaned and serviced so it continues to function properly for years or even decades to come.

Clean the Roller Brush

One part of vacuum maintenance that is often overlooked is cleaning the roller brush. This is the portion of vacuum that comes into contact with the floor and directs all the debris up into the vacuum. Hair, strings, and other small items can wrap around or get stuck around the roller brush. Make sure to clean this out regularly to get the best performance from your vacuum.

Clean out the Bag

On the same note you should clean out the bag or canister before it gets overly full. Most vacuums should be emptied out at about 70 to 80% full. Once the bag or canister exceeds this amount it’s no longer able to suction or pull as much air through the vacuum as before. This leaves your home less clean and means you need to vacuum more frequently.

Clean the Filters

Filters should also be replaced or cleaned regularly. Many bagless vacuums come with washable filters which should be regularly cleaned (every three months or so) to extend their life. However, they do need to be replaced periodically as well. How often you need to replace your filters depends on a couple of factors. Most homeowners can go a couple of years before needing to replace the filter, but if you have pets in the home or do a lot of heavy vacuuming, you’ll need to replace them more frequently.

Replace the Belt

The belt attaches the roller brush to the vacuum. Overtime this belt will stretch and won’t rotate at the same speed or strength as when you first bought the vacuum. This is one of those things that most people believe means that their vacuum is no longer working. You’d be surprised at what a quick visit to your local vacuum store can do to get your vacuum up and running again by simply replacing this belt.

Routine Servicing

As with any piece of equipment that we use regularly it should be maintained and serviced routinely. Bringing your vacuum in once a year to our vacuum cleaner store, is a great way to let us replace filters if needed, switch out your belt, and make any adjustments or repairs as they come up.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum let us help you look through the options. We think you’ll see that there are many better choices for you than those found at big box stores.