Cyclovac Central Vacuum

Cyclovac Central Vacuum Sarasota Florida

Cyclovac Central Vacuum

What is a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system is basically a built-in home vacuum cleaner. It places stations strategically around your home that allows you to vacuum every inch without carrying around a vacuum cleaner. They are very discreet. The hose for each vacuum retracts back into the wall, hidden from sight. Some systems even include an automatic dustpan that allows you to sweet dust and crumbs away into a vent in your home.

How does a central vacuum system work?

It starts with a power unit that is stored somewhere in your home. It is typically held in a basement or garage area. The power unit drives the entire process. The power unit is much larger than that of a portable vacuum because it powers the hoses that are placed throughout your home.

Then a piping system is added. These pipes connect the power unit and the hose stations. These hoses are what your use to vacuum your home. Depending on your needs, you can choose from many types of hoses and attachments.

Why should I get a Cyclovac central vacuum system?

Low maintenance

Cyclovac Central Vacuum Doctor Sarasota Cyclovac central vacuum systems come with DataSync. First and foremost, DataSync was created to improve ease of use. It allows the user to choose from 4 different performance and power levels and choose the one that best serves their needs. DataSync also helps you understand how to best maintain your central vacuum system by signaling you when it’s time to perform routine maintenance.

Great warranty

Cyclovac central vacuums systems are under warranty for 10-15 years! They offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products because they believe in their longevity.

Easy Installation

Surprisingly, installation usually only takes a day and can be installed in both newer and older homes. And even though the system requires a large amount of pipework installed throughout the house, it doesn’t cause any damage to your home.

Easy To Use

The retractable hose makes the Cyclovac central vacuum system so easy to use! Instead of carrying a vacuum around the home and up the stairs, vacuuming is simple! Just pull the hose out of the wall, vacuum, and retract the hose.

The automatic dustpans are the cherry on top of this fantastic system. A dustpan is installed into the bottom of your wall allowing you to brush dirt and crumbs into the suctioned dustpan with one swipe for easy clean-up.

If you have areas that are regularly messy, like the kitchen or dining area, you can install a Wally Flex arterial hose. It is smaller than the main hose and very simple to use. It makes for quick clean-up of smaller, dry messes.

Clean Air

The Cyclovac central vacuum uses HEPA filters to ensure you and your family are safe from allergens like mold, pet dander, dust, etc. It also includes an antimicrobial treatment that protects against the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that causes many allergens.

Central vacuum systems provide another layer of protection from airborne allergens because none of the air from the vacuum is released back into your home’s air. Even the best filters in portable vacuums only get about 99.97% of particles over a specific size, but with a central system, all of the particles that enter the vacuum are transferred to the central power unit and away from your family.

Stop by our store located in Gulf Gate and see how the Cyclovac Central Vacuum system works. We have one installed that you can try out and ask questions. With the Hide a Hose option, you never have to carry hoses around either. They are conveniently hidden right in the walls!