4 Quick Tips To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Are you worried about how often you should clean your vacuum? Your vacuum needs tender loving care regularly to keep it properly functioning. You are not supposed to get surprised when you see dust and other dirt substances coming out of your vacuum throughout its lifetime.

If the vacuum cleaner isn’t cleaned thoroughly now and again, a forest of particles will form like plaque hardens on teeth. If you don’t take care of this buildup, it will strain your Vacuum’s engine and belt, eventually wearing your vacuum out. Therefore, you need to clean your vacuum because it is a must to keep it working. Below are some of the tips to clean your vacuum;

Clean the bristles and brushes after every use

Once you finish using your vacuum, confirm that no debris is left attached to the brushes or bristles. If you notice any hair or debris stuck on the brush, find a pair of scissors to cut them off instead of pulling them. To sanitize the brush, use a disinfectant to ensure there are no germs that can be harmful to you.

Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner Canister After Every Use

Our vacuum experts recommend that you empty your vacuum canister anytime you are using it instead of letting it be filled up. This will help ensure that any harmful germs or bacteria will be thrown out before they have a chance to settle in your Vacuum. You’ll also be helping to improve the operation of your Vacuum by emptying the canister.

Soak the filters at least once a month

Even though your yearly routine will include the need to clean your vacuum filters, they should be checked regularly, at least once a month. In your vacuum manual, you will be directed to the positioning of every filter and the best way to remove it. If the filter can be washed, detach it, shake it properly, and wash it using cool running water. Finally, let the filter dry well in the sun.

Carry out a deep vacuum cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

While specific parts should be cleaned more frequently, the vacuum experts recommend disassembling and cleaning the complete Vacuum once a year. While planning to clean your Vacuum entirely, you will need to acquire dish soap, hot water, a cleaning brush, and a compressed air can. All these substances will ensure that your process goes on smoothly while achieving the best.

Begin your vacuum cleaning by completely disassembling every part. The canister and any other washable attachment should be soaked in the water. The soaked parts need to be properly scrubbed using a brush and then allowed to dry in the sun before putting them back into a vacuum. You can use the compressed air can to drive out any debris or dust particles stuck in the nooks of the vacuum. Remember to wipe the other external vacuum parts using a cleaning wipe.

Replace Your Vacuum

If you follow the cleaning guidelines we have listed above, your vacuum cleaner can last for the longest time– almost ten years or more. Therefore, for your Vacuum to last longer, there are no shortcuts other than ensuring you clean and store it properly. If you have any questions give us a call. We are your local Sarasota & Venice area vacuum experts! We sell only the best vacuums on the market including Miele, SEBO, Ricar and more. Even though we didn’t sell you your current vacuum, we will take it on trade, or service it for you. We look forward to helping you.