Best Canister Vacuum for 2022

Best Canister Vacuum

Time for a vacuum upgrade. Here are the best canister vacuums for 2022. We have them available for shipping or you can pick up locally at our showroom in Sarasota Florida. So what makes these canister vacuums the best on the market? Well lets share the details with you. If you can, we encourage you to come by our store and take these, or any of the vacuums we have in stock for a test drive. These machines are sure to cut down your vacuum time and reduce the dust in your homes.

What Is A Canister Vacuum?

Canister vacuums have very strong motors. Usually much more powerful than uprights. These also have longer hoses and a number of different attachments to make cleaning easier for different surfaces. A strong motor and proper tools increase suction and functionality over that of regular upright vacuums. This doesn’t mean they are always better than uprights, just a different type of vacuum. If you do not have steps in your home a canister vacuum might be the best for you. So here is our list of the 3 best canister vacuums for 2022 in no particular order.

Miele C1

Best Canister Vacuum 2022 Miele C1 Pure S First up is the Miele C1 Pure Suction HomeCare PowerLine. This vacuum is durable, sleek super easy to maneuver and has incredible features.

  • High suction power – 1200 W
  • Versatile applications – universal floorhead
  • Particularly lightweight – 13 lbs with vacuuming accessories
  • Effortless vacuuming of large areas w/ 29.5 ft operating radius
  • Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filter

This vacuum is lighter than the C3 we review below but that doesn’t reduce the power. This vacuum has a range of tools that are conveniently stored on board and always with you. All tools quickly and easily attach with a single click making it easy to change tools as needed. On and Off buttons along with variable speed buttons and cord retractor are all controllable by your foot. This saves your back with having to bend over repeatedly. The wheels are smooth and it easily follow you around with little effort. The included HEPA filter keeps the exhaust air clean and dust free. This model uses a cloth type back that is disposable. Again designed to keep dust in the machine and not in the air of your home. Did we mention how quiet this canister vacuum cleaner its? Trust us when we say you will love this machine.

SEBO AirBelt D4

Best Canister Vacuum 2022 SEBO D4 If you are not familiar with SEBO, you should be. Just like Miele this is one of the best canister vacuums on the market. This vacuum is durable, sleek super easy to maneuver and has incredible features and tons of tool options.

  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany
  • The World’s Best Pet Vacuums
  • Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma
  • Tightly Sealed Hospital-grade Filtration
  • Reliable, Commercial-grade Components
  • Rubber Wheels and Bumpers Protect Homes
  • High-tech Brush Roller Technology
  • Changing Bags is Easy and Clean

The AIRBELT D4 model is a powerful, full-size, ultra-quiet, canister vacuum cleaner with three on-board attachments, a giant 1.5-gallon bag, an unmatched 40-foot cord and 52-foot cleaning radius, protective rubber-coated wheels, a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections, and a full bag or clog indicator.
It also features excellent filtration, and a one-of-a-kind LED indicator that enables suction power to be optically monitored. A unique tapered suction hose with a 320° rotating canister connection increases airflow velocity , minimizes clogs, improves maneuverability , and its soft-foam bump er protects the vacuum, furniture, and walls from scuffs and scratches.

The D4’s commercial-quality ET-1 power head cleans both carpets and hard floors, has excellent pet hair removal, provides manual brush roller shut off, and the extension side of its L-shaped contour makes cleaning under counters easy. A parquet brush for cleaning hard floors with straight suction is also included. The ET-1 has a 3.5-inch horizontal cleaning profile, tool-free brush roller removal, and automatic shut off due to brush roller obstructions. The D4’s suction adjustment switch is located on its ergonomically designed handle, which also provides users effortless control of the power head’s 180° steering ability. Stop in to check this amazing machine out today!

Miele C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine

Best Canister Vacuum 2022 Miele C3 Cat & Dog We love our pets. For many of us they truly are our “kids” and we love having them around. But as all pet owners know, sometimes that fur and pet dander can be difficult to keep cleaned up. Well, not any longer. This is the absolute best canister vacuum on the market for all your pet lovers! Here are some of the features.

  • High suction power – 1200 W
  • Odors are neutralized more effectively – Active AirClean filter
  • No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls
  • High suction power even when the dustbag is full
  • Convenient and versatile with three integrated accessories

Miele power vacuums are designed to last years. Quality built motors and housing will make sure this one keeps working for many many years. The tools include power brushes for upholstery, hardwood and carpet power-heads as well. Stop into our showroom in Sarasota and you can give this vacuum a test drive. We can discuss the tools and what is available to you to help reduce your vacuum time and spend more time with your four legged friends!

We know you can’t go wrong with Miele and SEBO vacuums. If a canister vacuum is not right for you and you prefer central vacuums, upright vacuums or even robot ones, we have them as well. And if you have a vacuum, even if your purchased it elsewhere, we do repairs and take in trades! We look forward to getting to know you!