Simplicity S65 Vacuum

simplicity s65 vacuums

The Simplicity S65 Vacuum is a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum that is very powerful. It has a beautiful design that works best for smaller homes, dorms, apartments, or similar spaces. There are many reasons to add the Simplicity S65 to your home, but here are 9 of our favorite reasons. Sarasota Vacuum carries only the best and most reliable vacuums. When necessary, we also have a full workshop to make any needed repairs as well.

9 Reasons to Purchase the Simplicity S65 Vacuum


The Simplicity S65 Vacuum is entirely cordless, so you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in your way. The battery life is very good, considering what type of space the S65 was designed for. The battery lasts about 25 minutes, depending on the power level you use.

The good news is that the battery charges very quickly, and you can buy multiple. That way, if your battery dies on you, you can easily switch it out for a fully charged battery.

simplicity s65 vacuums - chargingBagless

Staying true to its name, Simplicity, the S65 is bagless. Instead, there is a dirt compartment that can be easily removed and cleaned. Much easier than replacing a bag.


The S65 offers two power levels depending on what you’re vacuuming and how much power is needed to clean the space. With these two power levels, the Simplicity S65 Vacuum can handle everything from bare floors to long carpets to pet hair. So, you can use the same device on your living room area rug and your bare kitchen tile.

The S65 also allows you to use it as a handheld vacuum if needed. Simply take the base off and use it as a handheld for any hard-to-reach places or even your car.

Plenty of attachments

The S65 comes with so many helpful attachments, including a carpet nozzle, pet hair hand turbo, hard floor power nozzle, and an angle adapter. It also includes all the typical tools you’re used to seeing with your vacuum cleaners.


Along with the many attachments that make the vacuum more ergonomic, the actual vacuum is also incredibly comfortable to use. The handle is very comfy and won’t pull on your wrist as you vacuum, and the S65 can be easily stored with a wall mount for easy access. It is also incredibly lightweight; it only weighs about 6 lbs.

HEPA Filter

The Simplicity S65 has an advanced HEPA filtration system that locks in allergens like dust, mold, pet dander and other small particles. Instead of these particles being sucked up and released back into your air, the HEPA filter locks them in, leaving your air much cleaner.


The Simplicity S65 is much more powerful than it looks. This small vacuum works great on all types of floors, including bare floors and long carpets. It also cleans up pet hair and other difficult debris very well.

Easy to maintain

There are very few recurring costs with the Simplicity S65 Vacuum. There is no bag needed, the battery has a long life, and it can be disassembled and cleaned at home without help from a technician.


The vacuum has a 180-degrees of rotation to maneuver its way around objects and corners quite easily. Along with its ergonomic handle, the Simplicity S65 is a very simple and easy machine to use.