5 Reasons To Buy ReadiVac Vacuums

ReadiVac vacuums

ReadiVac Vacuums

ReadiVac vacuums are one of the most convenient yet powerful vacuums on the market. ReadiVac vacuums are cordless and extremely lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and use on a daily basis. They also use Lithium batteries, which means they have an exceptionally long battery life for their size.

There are two main ReadiVac products. They are the ReadiVac Storm and the ReadiVac Eaze.

ReadiVac Storm

The ReadiVac Storm is an extremely powerful handheld vacuum. Don’t let the handheld aspect fool you; this vacuum is incredible. Its battery life extends up to 25 minutes, so it’s perfect in a pinch for messes and spills.

It also serves as a wet or a dry vacuum so that it can help you quickly and easily pick up all the messes created in your daily lives. And its stainless-steel filter can be cleaned and reused after each mess, which is not only ecofriendly but also convenient.

It comes with many attachments that help you reach all the crevices and hard-to-reach areas of your space. It is particularly useful when cleaning cars, furniture, and bathrooms.

It is also much quieter than other brands, so even apartment dwellers can use this in the late hours of the night to pick up any impromptu messes.

ReadiVac Eaze

ReadiVac Eaze is a stick, handheld vacuum that only weighs about 4 lbs. Again, don’t let its size fool you; it is incredibly powerful!

And the Eaze is incredibly convenient. It can transform into six different tools to help you easily clean your space. It also stands up by itself, which is rare for a machine of this size, even with more expensive brands. This saves you from bending over to set it down and picking it back up every time you set it aside.

It has an extremely long battery life. It lasts about 40 minutes for each charge, allowing you to get through your entire house in one charge. The battery also supports LED lights that help you see debris and dirt underneath furniture or other dark, hard-to-reach areas.

Depending on what you’re vacuuming, the Eaze allows you to select a power level. There are three power levels available for different floor types and upholstery.

The Eaze also comes with helpful attachments like a crevice tool and dusting brush to make your cleaning experience that much easier.

There is a convenient and powerful ReadiVac vacuum to suit your needs no matter where you’re vacuuming. ReadiVac vacuums are convenient, lightweight, and easy to use; they can be used in your home, car, RV, dorm, or anywhere else you may need a great vacuum cleaner.

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